When down-on-his luck de’tective Nick Logan is given the “Siberia” of assignments — patrolling a downtown park — it seems the police chief has put him where he can’t get in any more trouble. But Logan soon finds himself in the middle of the police department’s worst crisis yet when a band of organ thieves begins snatching victims from the park.


His partner in the park patrols is Sarah Monahan, a recent transfer to the department who is as professional as she is attractive. It’s obvious Monahan is meant to go far in the department while Logan is on the verge of heading the motor pool.


The two go undercover as joggers to clean out the muggers who have been harassing fitness fanatics in the park. The assignment is no problem for Monahan, who can dash off a couple of miles without breaking a sweat, but Logan can barely run to catch a bus.


The lumbering Logan and fit Monahan are constantly at odds. For lunch, Logan insists on eating chili dogs while Monahan sips bottled water and munches racw vegetables. Of course, Logan’s chauvinistic remarks are enough to give Detective Monahan indigestion.


Despite the detectives’ efforts, joggers begin to disappear from the park and the bodies wash up with their most valuable organs removed. Logan and Monahan become embroiled in a high-stakes investigation. The mayor’s political future is in jeopardy, and the detectives’ lives are on the line as they try to catch the killers. Their different talents begin to complement each other and Logan changes his Neanderthal attitude toward women as he works with the multi-talented Monahan.


A warped punk rocker named Grubb and his portly sidekick, Fat Boy, are the thugs abducting joggers from the park. After they snare the victims, the greedy Doctor Kreeger carves out the organs and sells the kidneys to transplant centers.


Grubb uses the money he makes from h)arvesting organs to finance his band’s recording career and his campaign of arson and anarchy against the city.


The police don’t know the body snatcher and arsonist are one and the same. When Grubb and his band of arsonists target commercial attractions, the mayor puts even more pressure on the police department to solve this new crime wave as the media turns rabid.


Logan and Monahan solve the case in police procedural fashion with help from clues left in the punk rocker’s lyrics and through good detective work. Still, the organ thieves often seem to be one step ahead of the police. Logan eventually discovers a member of the city council who oversees police affairs has been serving as the ring’s informant.


Logan and Monahan break the cardinal rule of professional relationships and become ro(mantically involved. Just when the partners-turned-lovers seem to have the thieves trapped, Sarah Monahan falls victim to the abductors and nearly loses her kidneys, not to mention her life. Logan cracks the case in time to rescue her, but the punk rocker escapes and attempts to carry out his plans to burn down the city’s harborplace shops during the grand opening. Grubb’s plans are thwarted and he dies in a motorcycle accident while fleeing the scene. Grubb then ends up becoming an organ donor himself.


By the end of the case, the characters of Logan and Monahan have evolved thanks to what they’ve learned from each other. With Monahan’s help, Logan has exorcised some of his personal demons and finds his career as a cop might just be getting a second chance.